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Imagination turns into Reality

Imagination turns into Reality

Our Dream comes True!
Just how many times from the very beginning of the La Fiorida adventure have we pointed the way towards the future?
I’d like today to share some of the secrets behind the scenes of the history of La Fiorida;
how La Fiorida itself came to be dreamed up, and saw the light of day;
thanks in no small part to a determination to conjure up what
the future might look like and then surrounding myself with people
who were equally prepared to throw heart and soul into overcoming any obstacle in the way.
What should be understood is that these ambitions and objectives are precisely those that we set ourselves, and have depended hugely on how we performed in their realisation.
I feel very lucky to having been born with a passion within me and a vision extending in unlimited directions.
The rearing of animals and agriculture itself have always engaged me enormously, so much so that as a child
whilst my mates were occupied with toy soldiers,
I spent all my summers in the mountain pastures
and winters at the many cattle fairs in the company of adults. Buying and selling.
The creation of first a farm, and then our noted agriturismo, still regarded as unique of its type in Europe, has meant extraordinary commitment, energy and dedication.
But we’ve done it!
We have overcome all the many obstacles in our way and been able to breathe life into an enterprise - our shared dream – with you all genuinely to the fore.
It simply could not have happened without you!
A very Happy Easter to everyone, and particularly with a view to the hallowed significance of resurrection!
Plinio and Simonetta Vanini and the entire staff of La Fiorida


At La Fiorida we have always paid serious attention to the importance of cleanliness within rooms and indeed our entire environment, so much so that we have continually received nothing other than positive feedback from guests.
We make a point of using a chlorine-based product for the cleaning of rooms and common areas, and once completed, the air is invariably refreshed using a spray based on 41 essential oils, among which thyme and tea tree feature and which boast a highly specific and effective action against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Our laundry services have always used quality sanitising products for all bedroom and bathroom linen. If you like you can download the certificate right here!
In the current emergency situation we have actually intensified the nature of our cleaning practices, taking great care with using alcohol disinfectant ever more regularly on the surfaces of reception counters, common bathroom areas and within rooms frequented most often by guests.