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Our chef Gianni Tarabini & Euro Toques

Our chef Gianni Tarabini & Euro Toques

Gianni Tarabini belongs to the Euro Toques Association.
In 1986, Pierre Romeyer, one of the most important Belgian chefs, became aware of the risks of food abuses and, together with his friend Paul Bocuse, contacted other famous European chefs (Wegner Vogel in Sweden, Gualtiero Marchesi in Italy, Juan Mari Arzak in Spain, Spijkers Cas in Netherlands, Myrtle Allen in Ireland, Arne Fusager in Denmark, Eckart Witzighann in Germany, Michel Da Costa in Portugal, René Jacquemin in Luxemburg, David Miller in Great Britain and few others) and decided to create the Euro-Toques Association.
In the same year, Jaques Delors, the President of the European Commission at that time, recognized the Euro-Toques Association as a lobby defending the quality of food.
Euro-Toques offices were set up and are present in each country. The members refuse the standardization of the foodstuffs industry and appeal to the respect of diversities, because European cooking shall be a mosaic of flavors and colors to fully maintain its charm.
An history of pure passion and devotion to quality, culminated with the cooking class “Great Chefs discovering typical products of Lucchesia”. Here, our Chef Gianni Tarabini opened the first session of the class, guiding all participant in the world of aromas and explaining the secrets of the aromatic herbs, the hay and the milk. The course was concluded with a dinner for all participants.
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The multi-sense experience of a Michelin-starred dinner on a classic train

EXPO 2015 – discovery and experience

La Fiorida, together with Valtellina Hotels TO and Valposchiavo promotes a trip through the wine and food world of the Valtellina and Valposchiavo areas with the multi-sense experience of a Michelin-starred dinner, with dishes prepared by chef Gianni Tarabini of the Ristorante La Présef (One Michelin star). In the kitchen carriage, special guests such as Enrico Derflingher and other Michelin-starred cooks will cook for you.
A truly unique experience: a trip in classic train wagons directly connecting the pavilions of the Expo Milan 2015 with Valtellina valley.
An unusual feature of this train of bygone days is the restaurant service, which is based on produce that is typical of the region and cooked in a creative and innovative way.... The name Slow Train comes from this produce, taking onboard the well-known Slow Food idea of a return to traditional cooking, characterized by high quality food. Cultural aspects are also involved, as Slow food emphasizes a lifestyle characterized by slowness and the ability to grasp the beauty and the goodness coming from the land.
… just like a classic train travelling across unspoilt and evocative landscapes while enjoying food and wine of excellence
Once in Tirano, several accommodation solutions are available, allowing the guests to sleep in Valtellina or in Valposchiavo and enjoying the spectacular views of the Bernina Express railway (UNESCO World Heritage).
Next trips: September, 7th ; September, 14th; September, 21st; September, 25th; October, 6th
Ticket price: 250 € per person
  • after10 tickets – you will get 1 free ticket
  • after15 tickets – you will get 2 free tickets
  • after20 tickets – you will get 3 free tickets
  • after30 tickets – you will get 4 free tickets
  • after35 tickets – number of free tickets to be arranged
Bookings available on www.slow-train.it
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Expo spinoffs

Expo spinoffs

...so many things to do during your stay...

Choose how many days you want to spend with us and get ready to experience something new!
Book your holiday freely and pick the experiences you would like to try .
No worries, we take care of organizing your experiences, leaving the enjoyable part of the day to you.
A true farm with 200 cows, 300 pigs and 70 goats. A true zero-km reality, to touch, feel and taste.
Tasting of 20 different types of cheese, produced in our dairy, accompanied by 3 local wines. In our calech, with a stunning view on our garden or by the fireplace.
Val Gerola e Casera del Bitto Storico.
Guided tour to the ancient village of Gerola Alta with a traditional lunch at the Centro del Bitto Storico
Life in the pastures
Traditionally, cows herds out to mountain pastures in June and come back to the bottom of the valley in September. After a good walk through the woods, you’ll reach a malga (shepherd’s hut), where the shepherd milk the cows and the goats by hand; here you can see how milk is transformed into cheese (Grasso D’Alpe), which is then brought into a Casera to mature during the summer months. This cheese will then be brought to the bottom of the valley to be fire-marked and continue the maturation process, until it can be called Bitto DOP
Bike stroll through nature
Let’s get on a bike and discover the L' Oasi Pian di Spagna and the lake of Mezzola together with a professional bike guide. Make sure you enjoy the taste of cycling in a very unique setting.
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Valtellina’s cutting boards

Valtellina’s cutting boards

Every day from 8.00 am to 7.30 pm
Come discover all our products in our store!
Here you can taste our cuts and cheeses, while comfortably sitting close to our fireplace and enjoying an amazing view on the Rethic Alps through our huge windows.
Alternatively, you can always purchase them online and enjoy them at home.
You choose and we take care of the quality!
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The "Calech"

The "Calech"

Located right by the entrance, our Calech, with its woody walls, used to be a refuge for the shepherds during periods of transhumance. In our “Calech”  you can have the “Farmer’s snack”, with our local products, such as home-produced cheese and cuts.  .
Local cuts plate    € 8,00
Cheese plate     € 8,00
Mixed local cuts and cheese plate     € 8,00
Mixed salad     € 5,00
Home-produced mozzarella with cherry tomatoes    € 7,00
Local cuts sandwich    € 3,00
Cheese sandwich € 3,00
Mixed local cuts and cheese sandwich € 4,00
Small cone and cup  € 1,50
Medium cone and cup    € 2,00
Big cone and cup   € 3,00
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